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The project is located in the northern part of Kiev – in Obolon district, which is considered one of the most attractive places to stay in Kiev. The plot overlooks the street. Polaris – one izglavnyh area highways, on the other hand is limited to street. Degtyarenko and st. Mayorov. The residential complex is part of a multifunctional complex that includes eight houses, a kindergarten, a building DIY-hypermarket Leroy Merlin, shopping center “Polar” with a grocery supermarket “Amstor” and the supermarket of home appliances “Foxtrot”.

Apartment comfort class with a complex finish.

Key Features:

  • Total land area: 12.65 ha
  • Total area of ​​residential buildings: 195,000 m²
  • The total area of ​​apartments: 130 000 m²
  • The area of ​​commercial space: 2540 m²
  • Number of apartments: 2,220

  • Plot Area: 4.0023 ha
  • The total area of ​​residential building 2, Stage II: 33 587 m²
  • The total area of ​​apartment house 2, Stage II: 23 800 m²
  • Number of apartments: 423
  • Floors: 25
  • Number of Units: 2

2 phase of constructiondegt

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