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General contractor in construction - a multi-level and multi-tasking process of linking together a whole range of complex and specific work in the construction of housing. General contract provides uninterrupted and non-stop performance of construction work, excluding the occurrence of factors such as downtime, outages and complexity of the construction of buildings.


The leading construction companies in our country, adopting the experience of foreign partners, are increasingly resorting to the services of construction companies that are able to act as general contractor, while ensuring timely implementation milestones. As a result, professional performance general contractor, the customer has a smooth operation and significant cost savings.


The general contractor is responsible for the facility as a whole. He chooses the subcontractors on the basis of the existing long-standing relationship that ensures the quality of work and commitment of employees, organizes all the different types of work on a single schedule that reduces construction time and saves the customer. Saving attachments is achieved by reducing the number of subcontractors on the job as general contractors are invited only those subcontractors whose work requires advanced training.

In order to meet the deadline set by the Customer construction, general contractor ensures that the specialized experts and party workers were just invited to the construction site and proceeded to carry out its task directly replacing each other.


If Developers underestimate the role of general contractor on construction sites in the construction of objects, they may face a number of challenges, trying to deal with them on their own, spend heavily on services of specialized professionals, because they have to bring in workers and constantly worried about how to avoid mistakes in management. Turning even to highly teams, you can not always regulate their activities, to establish interaction and control the timing. In addition, the need to spend a lot of money when you need the services of outside professionals – designers, engineers and workers. When the customer is trying to establish itself build its own facility, it often happens that the process slows down, goes neslazheno and inconsistent, which impairs the quality of construction.

General contractor – is a reliable partnership relations between the two sides, one of which acts as the customer construction. Therefore, no doubt, it is better to find a reliable partner who will control all stages of construction, as well as certain types of works and their progress will be responsible for the results and quality, will perform works “turnkey”.

Thus, the general contractor shall:

The customer, in turn, is preparing a design problem, prepares all the necessary permits, provides technical support for the design phase, preparing the construction site.

The general contractor is responsible for the construction work for the timeliness and quality of the constructed object, it was he who bears all risks and reports to the Customer construction. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional and competent general contractor, which will perform its tasks.

However, General contract works will require appropriate payment, but you can be sure: General contractor quality always pays off!

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