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The work performed by cast-frame technology and concreting

Construction company “Perche Budivelna FIRMA” offers a full range of services monolithic construction, both on the individual and on standard projects. In this case, we are responsible for each phase of construction and guarantee all the work.

Today, our organization is equipped with equipment and tools for the implementation of monolithic works of any complexity. In manufacture own formwork.


Solid work – fast and effective method of modern construction

Today, there is a high demand for unique projects and rapid construction of buildings. Technologies that have been used a few years ago, can no longer fully satisfy the desires of the customer.

Classical methods of construction

The most common method used for the construction of houses – brickwork. Particularly relevant this way, if we are talking about a private home. In this case requires a unique project, which may not provide a sufficient quality of any large-block or panel.

Therefore, if we do not take into account the wood, brick and cinder block were quite a long time the only option for construction material. But today, with the advent of new technologies and methods of work, everything changed.

High-rise building

Monolithic construction technique allows you to create buildings and structures at a truly unique project.And in a very short time and without having to make long pauses for shrinkage before laying the finishing work.

As a result, monolithic construction get ready wall, which in most cases does not require additional finishing. It is durable and smooth reinforced concrete structure that meets all safety requirements and standards of construction.

Using similar methodology may be implemented the following types of entries:

  1. Walling in buildings of any height.
  2. Creation of floors.
  3. The erection of the structural elements, such as piers.
  4. Sophisticated architectural construction elements, for example, semi-circular wall ledges or zones of different heights, with high accuracy and speed.

This is just a brief list of works, where you can apply the construction of monolithic structures. Among the main advantages of this method of construction are high speed, precision, and there is no need to expect shrinkage of the finished structure before finishing.

Furthermore, cosmetic operation at low monolithic construction designs. The size of the construction site and disorder in the territory are minimized – the concrete mix can be delivered to the object is already finished, or quickly create on the spot.

Our suggestions

We offer all the services for the construction of structures means monolithic construction. The choice of the customer can be given various options for concrete mixture with the necessary parameters.

In addition, we undertake the organization of “turnkey”. Use their own materials for formwork and all the other components of the production process. The customer only needs to approve the draft – all other concerns we undertake.

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