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In recent years, our company is constantly evolving, passed a rapid way and left remarkable structures are the adornment of the capital of Ukraine.

We, in cooperation with leading real estate developers, we continue to build large residential complexes, which have become an ornament of the picturesque city of Kiev.

With a host behind the objects of all sizes and levels of complexity, we can say that they, as diverse, united only one thing – hard work that put workers of our company. Through joint efforts, we will achieve our goals and excellent results. The consequence of this is, thank the residents of the capital of our country.

Residential complex “Park Lake”

st. Resurrection, 7

Dnipro district of Kyiv


Residential complex “Yaskravy”

st. Degtyarenko 1 Obolon district of Kyiv


Residential complex “Leader”

st. Andryushchenko 4

Shevchenko district of Kiev


Residential house on ul.Saperno-Slobodskoy 93

Holosiivskyi district of Kiev



“The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine” on the street. Horeb, 26

Screed floors, the device monolithic slabs.


The residential complex on the street. Grigorenko, 23
The complex finishing works and installation of monolithic structures:

  • - Screed floors;
  • - Plastering.


Residential komple COP in s.Chayki, Kiev Svyatoshinsky area
The complex finishing works:

  • - Screed floors;
  • - Plastering.


Residential complex “Victoria” on Victory Avenue, 119/121
The complex finishing works:

  • - Painting;
  • - Plastering;
  • - Floor installation.


Administrative and office complex plant “Artem” on the street. Melnikova, 2/10

Construction of monolithic frame buildings.

Residential house on the street. Belarus, 3

Construction of monolithic frame buildings.

Residential complex on ul.Sribnokilskaya

  • – Screed floors;
  • - The construction of monolithic frame parking.

Cottage Village in the Obukhov district, s.Lukavitsa

Construction and reconstruction of houses.

Residential complex “Emerald” on the street. Machine operators, 2

The construction of monolithic frame buildings.

Shopping and entertainment center «O’KEY» on Avenue General Vatutin

Device monolithic frame, the device of elevator shafts with an extension to flight of stairs.

Residential house in Brovary two-piece, quarter Olympic, 2nd phase construction

The device is a monolithic concrete slab foundation, construction work on the part of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame of the two sections of the house.

The residential complex on the street. Tukhachevsky, 44

Screed floors.

Reconstruction of an apartment house on the street. Basseynoy, ½

The apparatus further storeys, finishing work.

The residential complex on the street. Vasil’chenko 3

Screed floors.

The residential complex on the street. Gonchar, 17,

Device monolithic frame buildings with built-in parking.

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