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Everyone dreams of a cozy rustic lodging. Regardless of whether he is planning a large cottage for permanent residence or a small country house to relax on weekends and during the holidays, such housing should be of high quality and durable.

LLC “Persha budivelna company” is ready to turn all your wishes come true and build your dream home.Behind our shoulders a lot of completion of project, from small cottages to huge multi-storey complexes.We built apartments for thousands of Kiev, who could now get vysokachestvennoe housing that meets all European parameters comfortable life.


Once your project has been selected for the construction of the cottage, our company is starting the preparatory work and follow his erection. Using only the most advanced construction technology and modern construction materials, we build very quickly and efficiently. All the technology and materials meet the highest European standards. You can not worry about the quality and sustainability of your future home.

What about the price?

Construction of cottages very complex process that requires efforts of many professionals. Despite this, our company fulfills all your needs at affordable prices. This can only be realized by using its resource base. Own fleet of construction equipment not spray allows your money to hire other companies and staffed by professional builders allows not outsource teams that have not been tested by time. That is how we will provide a full cycle of construction at an affordable price.

Why do we?

If you are still in doubt, just take a look at our advantages:

  • More than 8 years in the market;
  • Placed in service high-rise apartment complexes;
  • Government orders for construction;
  • Full staff of professional builders, experts in various fields;
  • Own fleet of construction equipment;
  • Competitive prices.

Not worth more delay, call today and we will answer all your questions. We always go to meet its customers and will do everything to ensure that you are happy.


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